Richard Simmons Music

About Richard

Richard is originally from Windsor, NC. He began his professional music career in 1988 with the group By God's Grace followed by Southern Sound. In 1998 he became the original pianist and one of the founding members of The Dove Brother's Quartet. He embarked on a solo career in 2002 with his first national release "Without You". He later released two singles with a group known as Real Life ("At Your Feet" and "Yea and Amen"). He has since gone back to his solo status and has released a song titled "Resting Place".

Richard is known for his dynamic piano playing style hallmarked by signature piano runs. He currently lives in Eastern North Carolina with his wife, Shelli, and their children.

Richard is fortunate to have a great sound technician in his corner- Roger Smith. Roger brings over 20 years of sound technician experience with him and as Richard likes to joke "If you like what you hear, thank me. If you don't....blame Roger!"